About Us

I was saved at the age of seven after feeling under conviction during the Sunday morning service. That evening after church my dad led me to Christ. In high school I surrendered my life to serve the Lord and went straight to Bible College out of high school. There at College during the funeral of the great missionary Bob Hughes I surrendered my life willing to be a missionary if that was what the Lord wanted.

Immediately I began to search for the will of God. Every missionary that came through I got a burden for their country. But, while teaching a Young Married’s S.S. class we took them on a mission trip to Aguascalientes, Mexico. I took them hoping that some of them would be burdened to be a missionary but God used that trip to begin the working in my heart to go to Aguascalientes.

A few months after that trip, my father-in-law, Dr. Ernest Gambrell came by the house and began to probe me to see how I felt about what God’s will for my life was. Because I had been waiting so long, for a bolt of lightning or some special sign from God, he gave me the advice of starting out on deputation to go to Aguascalientes. At least then I would be heading in some direction toward missions and, if God wanted to change it He could open or close doors. So I took that advice and the very first deputation meeting besides my home church was in Spokane, MO. The pastor met me at the door of the church and proceeded to tell me that he had a young man in his church that was from Aguascalientes and asked if I could witness to him after the service. I readily agreed and after the service led that young man, 21 years of age to Christ. So, on my first deputation meeting I had my first convert from the city of Aguascalientes. I never doubted the call again after that.

Mike Denison