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The state of Aguascalientes lies between 1,800 m (5,905 ft) and 1,987 m (6,519 ft) above sea level. It is located on the western side of the Mexican highlands between 21º 23' and the 22º 28' north latitude and 101º 53' and 102º 50' west longitude.

The State of Aguascalientes is bounded on the north, east, and west by the State of Zacatecas and on the south by the State of Jalisco.

The State of Aguascalientes is one of the smallest states in Mexico, having an area of 5,589 square km. (2,157 sq mi.), which represents only 0.28% of Mexico’s territory and a population of approximately 944,285 inhabitants.

Aguascalientes City, capital city of the State of Aguascalientes, is located 537 km northwest of Mexico City on Federal Highway 57 / 45 in Mexico.

The Colonial City of Aguascalientes is situated in the central part of Mexico and is rich in colonial period architecture. Some of the most renowned structures are:

  • The Government Palace with its
  • Neoclassical facade of red tezontle stone
  • The Municipal Palace built out of pink quarry
  • El Jardin de los Palacios (Palace Gardens), where you can admire a fountain built to honor the artist Jesus F. Contreras. Contreras is the creator of two relief sculptures decorating the square. These sculptures represent: "Camaxtli", the God of Hunting and
    "Centeotl", the God of Abundance
  • La Plaza Patria, where you can view an iron tower built in 1808
Other interesting sites
well worth visiting are:
  • The splendid baroque style Cathedral
  • The Religious Pinacotheca
  • The Morelos Theater, where the National Poetry Prize is presented during the San Marcos Fair
  • La Casa de Cultura, used as forum for the National Plastic Arts Contest (also celebrated during the San Marcos Fair)
  • The Museum of Aguascalientes, built out of pink quarry
  • The Jose Guadalupe Posada Museum, located in the District of Triana. Here you can find examples of Posada's prints
  • The District of San Marcos deserves special mention. It is where the renown San Marcos Fair is celebrated annually. The fair takes place on a plaza surrounded by Neoclassical balustrades and a beautiful central fountain built out of pink quarry.

The fesitival includes:

  • Cockfights in the largest "Palenque" (arena) in Latin America
  • An elegant casino, unique in Mexico
  • A traditional costume contest
  • Farm, cattle, and industrial exhibitions
  • The world famous Cervantine Festival. The most important day of the fair is April 25th, "Dia de San Marcos" (St. Marcos Day)

In San Marcos you can also visit the Crafts House and the Museo del Deshilado (Museum of Frayed-Thread Handiwork). Also celebrated in this city is a Grape Fair as well as the Pilgrimage of the Assumption on August 15th, an event which includes a parade, dances, and other recreational activities.

It is the abundance of hot springs in this state that give it its name: Aguascalientes (Hot Waters). You can enjoy springs at the Sport Center and Spa "Ojo Caliente". Other attractions include Plaza del Vestir (clothing mall), where embroidered and frayed-thread cotton clothing articles can be found. Other local crafts are leatherwork, artistic ironwork, and religious artifacts.

Taste the delicious traditional cuisine, which offers dishes such as birria (steamed lamb casserole), Aguascalientes style mole, chicken in wine sauce, pickled hides, and cabrito (roasted goat).

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